Specialized translations

Kaiwords translation agency

Translation of technical, scientific, medical and legal texts as well as texts from the financial sector or advertising.

Qualified interpreters and translators : We offer the highest quality tailor-made language services in German, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • Our translation agency provides high quality translations made by qualified translators who only target their fields of expertise.
  • So whether you require a legal document translation service or need the assistance of a court interpreter, Kaiwords has the resources to suit your needs.

High quality specialized translations

We have more than 20 years of experience providing translation services worldwide to individuals, organizations and businesses.

Customer satisfaction

We provide translation services to companies, private customers, public institutions, authorities, courts and to different International organizations.

4 eyes principle

Thanks to our unique simultaneous reading process our translations are always checked by two translators.

Fast Completion

We focus on high quality standards in all our translations and we offer a wide range of knowledge and experience.


Optimisation of our internal processes has produced a significant reduction in paper use.


Extensive network of professional, certified translators and interpreters will take care of your projects.